After the sun set, it rises again…

Well, as the title said, the sun set today and rises again the next day bringing light to life on Earth.

The Palm Desert Cross Trail is one of my favorite trails because it’s not too long and too steep. It’s only an hour round trip. It’s also near my place. You can work up some sweat and enjoy a panoramic view of the whole Coachella Valley in Southern California. Hiking early in the morning (5-6am) will give you something like this:

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It was worth the effort. Well, the air is fresher and you can burn some extra calories. Also, at this time of the year, there are the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament and Coachella Music and Arts Festival with lots of international tourists and Hollywood stars visiting the area. A perfect weekend getaway in the winter and spring.


The pics is from one of my biweekly hiking trips last summer. During March, the scenery is greener with wildflowers blooming along the trail.

P/s 2:

If you want to get a better panorama (elevation 8,516 feet), take the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway located only a couple of miles away from downtown Palm Springs.


When people talk about photography, one topic comes up regularly: sunset.

There are some special things to say about sunset, like how it’s golden time for taking photographs, how short it lasts for one to set up and take a picture, how hard it is to find a spot for a perfect view, or how beautiful the sky always is at this time of the day, etc.

Now there is even an app to check the time for sunset. You can check it out at Skyfire for TPE.

I had a chance to capture one when I was passing by Fort Bragg (California) along State Route 1 in 2015.

sunset fort bragg

It brings up a warm, cozy feeling to me whenever I look at it.

Having Fun

Sometimes I get bored and don’t know what to capture. In those times, I always try something new that I have never done before.

Sometimes they turn out good, sometimes weird like these two:

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Photography is so much funnnn 🙂

Spring in Southern California

Hi everyone,

This past winter brought a lot of water to the decadelong drought in California. As a result, we Californians can see wildflowers blooming everywhere from hills to hills. They even bloom alongside the I-10 in the middle of the southern desert.

I went hiking on University of California Riverside’s Botanic Gardens (located right in the middle of the university campus) this past Monday (which was actually the first day of Spring – just googled it when I was writing this) and had a chance to witness those spectacular views.

If anyone lives near the area, you can pay a visit there. They have annual Spring and Fall Plant Sale events. Nice flowers and scenery with some steep hills. It can be a fun hiking trip on the weekends.


Open daily from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Hi everybody, I’m Kevin N.

Taking photographs has been one of my favorite things to do since ages ago.

Every time my family went on vacation, I was always the one taking care of the camera.

This hobby of mine is still going strong till now and many more years to come, hopefully.

I also like to go hiking. I love nature. And whenever I have a chance, I always take some pictures, mostly with my phone (right now is a Galaxy S6 Edge). I’m saving up some money and when the time comes, I’m gonna grab one of those professional cameras ($1500 – $2000).

This blog is kind of like a photo journal where I’m posting photos from my hiking trips. Sometimes, I’m just gonna post photos from around my area.

So everyone is welcome to read and comment on my photos.