Super bloom in the Desert

Super bloom posts everywhere….

This year reminds me of when I first came to the U.S. It was Dec 2007 in Southern California and it was raining every week. Then came the drought for a whole 9 years. Then this winter it was raining every other day even in the Coachella Valley. Flash floods and closed roads everywhere.

Enough with the rain, anyway, wildflowers and butterflies come after earth soaked up all of that water.

super bloom desert 1super bloom desert 2

Those spectacular views are from the two sides of I-10 near Desert Hot Springs, Ca.

I wanted to go to Lake Elsinore near Corona to see the orange poppies last week but because of so many visitors coming, parking there became scary. The city expected 10000 to 20000 visitors but they got like 50000 instead. The city even closed off the street leading to Walker Canyon to see the poppies. Maybe I’ll go this weekend or the next because who knows when there will be another super bloom like this. Maybe in another 12 or 15 years.

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