Hiking the big M near Moreno Valley

I was going to hike Mt Rubidoux yesterday to get a view of Riverside city and parts of Inland Empire, but I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to hike Box Springs Mountain Park instead.

There’s two ways to get to Box Springs Reserve Park. You can drive up Box Springs Mountain Rd (there’s parkings along the side of the park) or hike the Two Tree’s Trail. Once you get to the park, it then branches into two main trails:

  • The left one leads to the big M with beautiful panorama of Moreno Valley, Pigeon Pass Valley, Hidden Springs and Riverside.
  • The right one leads to the big C with the complete view of UC Riverside and Downtown Riverside. You can also get to the big C by hiking the Big C Trail at Mt Vernon Ave. This trail (starts at Mt Vernon Ave) is very steep. It’s a little over 1 mile with a gain of 997 ft in elevation.

I started off at 430 Two Trees Rd and took the Two Tree’s Trail. This is a steep trail with a gain of 971 ft over 1.3 miles (a little bit easier than the Big C Trail). Bring lots of water if you’re hiking in the afternoon. I started at 10a.m. and didn’t wear any hat or cap, only a t-shirt and short, so today i’m still suffering from sunburns all over my face, my neck and my arms. It sucked, I know  😦

Two Tree's Trail
The Two Tree’s Trail

The trail starts off very nice…

Box Spring Mt Trail (0)

Five minutes in and you can enjoy some nice view already:

Box Spring Mt Trail (1)

There’s a warning sign of mountain lion and rattlesnakes on the trail so be a little careful when you hike alone. I didn’t see any wildlife except lizards on my way up but I ran into two very colorful rattlesnakes (they’re poisonous btw) on the way down and almost sprained my right ankle trying to avoid them. The trail was lightly trafficked. I only met two hikers on the way.

Took me almost one hour to finish the trail, including photographing and break times (mostly photographing time cause I love taking pictures). I take pics whenever I see beautiful landscapes, to the point I had fights with my family members on many vacation trips cause I kept taking pictures and wouldn’t go when they wanted to leave for other places. Anyway, the view at the top of the trail was worth it:

Box Spring Mt Trail (6)

Now that was only one third of the way to the top of the mountain. As I said above, there are two main trails from here. I continued on and took the left one. The big M, wait for me!

Box spring Trails
The Two Tree’s Trail stops at Box Springs Mt Reserve Park

Wildflowers were still blooming along the road:

Box Spring Mt Trail (4)
Half of the way already!!! Lot of wildflowers.

About two thirds of the way, you can see Sycamore Highlands on the right corner and part of freeway 60 and 215 South in the middle:

Box Spring Mt Trail (2)
Two thirds of the way.

A few minutes later I reached the top:

Box Spring Mt Trail (3)
Beautiful view of Hidden Springs on the left and Moreno Valley on the right

The big M is at the right corner but I didn’t know at the time. I thought there was nothing behind the tower so after taking some more photos at the top I came down. I MISSED IT!!!! I only became aware of it when I was writing this post today. Poor me!

More view of the 215 South, 60 West and part of Riverside (on the right corner):

Box Spring Mt Trail (7)

Before going down, I saw this guy:

Box Spring Mt Trail (5)
Serious hiking stuff right here people!

I don’t know about kettlebell much but that must weigh a lot from how big it look. And that was at the top. Serious leg strength here. I better not skipping leg days anymore. Anyhow, one last view of Moreno Valley with clearer sky on the way down:

Box Spring Mt Trail (9)
I wished I could fly…

Next time I’m gonna try the Big C Trail before the summer kicks in. I definitely don’t like the heat 😦